Cosmos Collection

Oversaw development of an online collection on the history of astronomy and life on other words featuring items from the Carl Sagan papers.

Trevor Owens (right) talking to Bill Nye at the opening of the Sagan Papers.

Over the course of a year I developed both a permanent online exhibition and temporary physical exhibition featuring the papers of  Carl Sagan alongside items from seven Library of Congress special collection divisions.

In support of this I; developed an overarching digital collection framework, composed 18 thematic essays, developed and oversaw execution of digitization plan, managed work on the project among more than 10 internal divisions involving more than 30 staff, supported the development of set of k-12 teacher resources, cleared rights for online digital access to items and develop fair use cases with General Counsel’s office, and worked closely with the web team to refine workflow and process for this and future online collections

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