Well Marjee has been off in Dc for a two weeks. She should post about that. I on the other hand am living in limbo. Typing on a computer on my floor, and sleeping on a futon, also on the floor, waiting out my job. Needless to say I will be excited to be out in Arlington. Of course I will miss mad town, but it’s like my life has already moved to DC with my girl friend and all of our belongings. I am just waiting out in this shell of a home, perpetually saying good-bye to our friends. Rereading this it all sounds a bit more glum than I would have intended. I really do enjoy this kind of long see you soon (I don’t really do Good byes) Well I should get to sleep. Two more days as a Academic Advisor. (Which reminds me I should post on some of the hilarious moments while their still fresh… It just might not be as hard to get into Madison as we all thought…)

Signing off
Teh ReVor

First post

So this is a accurate post to start our blog about our lives in DC. After a quick jaunt to the DC metropolitan area we have found our new place of residence.
At the Lenox. It looks like it will be a nice place to live. Just a few blocks from Marjee’s new job at PBS.Now all that stands between us and DC is packing an apartment and coordinating a rental truck….
Good Times
Yours Trevor