Ch ch ch changes…

…What a crazy past few weeks. We’ve had a lot of unaccomplishments recently. Mr. Bowser has graduated….

Behold the graduate

from his intermediate doggie class. He was also named as “most improved” so we were really proud. This is a really spoiled dog, folks, So his accomplishment makes us proud.”

In other news, Trev is doing great in his job. Marjee took a new job, but not entirely leaving PBS. She still works as a consultant there, and in the mean time, is taking a role in shaping the direction of educational games.
Stuff around us is changing too…the season is amazing here!

It is official

I’ve accepted an offer to be the Director of Digital Media and Technology at the National Geographic’s JASON Project. It is a great chance for me to get involved with science media, especially science education games.

I am really going to miss many of the folks at PBS. It is always hard to leave friends and talented co-workers behind. That said, this is an amazing opportunity.