Offer #2

…so Trevor and I did not get the last house we posted about. No biggie. It was a neat place, but after about 2 hours of disappointment our Realtor has about 5 more foreclosures to show us. We looked at three and got really, really excited about 2 of them. In fact, we think these two beat the first one we bid on, hands down. We went ahead and put another bid on a house today. You can see a picture of the front yard here. No joke! The house is on a private lake. We should not be able to afford this, but again, because it is a foreclosure and needs a little bit of love (not too much) we’re able to make an offer.

Making an offer

Trevor and I made an offer on this here house yesterday. It was a pretty exciting experience and we are so happy with our realtor. He did a great job of explaining every single thing we were signing (and we had a lot to sign) and he even stopped by the house to look it over once more before he met with us.
The market has been crazy and there have been a lot of doomsayers posting all sorts of stuff on the interblag, so we had some nervous flutters here and there, but the other day I noticed that our good friend John commented on our blog and is looking for a house in an equally crazy market (Seattle). As Trevor said, John is super smart, so if he’s going into the market right now, it can’t be too bad of an idea.