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People, communities and platforms: Digital cultural heritage and the web

I was privileged to be able to give the opening keynote for the National Digital Forum in New Zealand a few weeks back. It was a really great conference and event and before too much time went past I wanted to post … Continue reading

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Digital Art Curation Grad Seminar: Your Input Welcome

I really enjoyed teaching my Digital Public History Seminar for the University of Maryland’s College of Information Studies. As a follow up, I am thrilled at the prospect of teaching another course for their Archives and Digital Curation specialization. INST 745: … Continue reading

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Macroscopes & Distant Reading: Implications for Infrastructures to Support Computational Humanities Scholarship

The following is the rough transcripts of a talk I gave at Fostering the Transatlantic Dialogue on Digital Heritage and EU Research Infrastructures: Initiatives and Solutions in the USA and in Italy at the Library of Congress in November 2014 (back when … Continue reading

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Becoming Digital Public Historians

The second week of my Digital Public History seminar at the University of Maryland is called “Becoming Digital Public Historians.” I think that kind of identity work is at the core of what graduate education is supposed to be about … Continue reading

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The Invention & Dissemination of the Transparent GIF: Traces in Web Archives

Tiny transparent image files have played a significant role in the history of the Web. Digital folklorist, Olia Lina has done some great work exploring the presence of spacer GIFs in the Geocities web archive and on how those GIFs … Continue reading

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Review: Preserving Complex Digital Objects

The following is a pre-print of a book review of Preserving Complex Digital Objects which I was invited to write for the Journal of Academic Librarianship. I wrote it in December of 2014. I keeping with everything on this site, it … Continue reading

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To Show For It: Links, Lists & Paper from Four Years at LC

I had originally intended this to be a post for The Signal, but it ended up having more of a personal bent to it so it made more sense for it to go here. Like everything on this site, nothing here reflects … Continue reading

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Advance Praise for Designing Online Communities

My book proofs have been finalized and it now has a cover! Along with that, Amazon seems to think it will be out in March. So in advance of that, I thought I would share the “advance praise” quotes I … Continue reading

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Mobile, Bots, Sound Studies & Video Games: Things In My New Digital Public History Grad Seminar

Huge thanks to everyone who weighed in on what I should add to my Digital Public History Graduate Seminar. I thought folks here might be interested in seeing how that all turned out. So, you can check out the course … Continue reading

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Digital Library Infrastructures, Cosmos Exhibition, Digital Folklore & Dissertation -> Book: 2014 in Review

Another year. Another chance to push the pause button for a bit and try and make some sense of what it is I’ve been doing. As I did in 2012 and 2013, I am taking a few minutes to try … Continue reading

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