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Digital Preservation’s Place in the Future of the Digital Humanities

The following is the rough notes for a talk I gave at the University of Pittsburgh’s iSchool. I’ll likely come back later to iron out any kinks in them, but figured I would get them up sooner rather than later so here … Continue reading

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A Draft Style Guide for Digital Collection Hypertexts

I spent about 60% of my work hours last year selecting a thematic collection of 330 cultural heritage objects and interpreting and explicating facets of those objects  in a set of 18 linked essays. I had a style guide for questions of grammar, and … Continue reading

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Redefining the “Life of the Mind” & the Infrastructure of Knowledge in the Digital Humanities Center

If you haven’t read it, Bethany Nowviskie recent post responding to the question “Does every research library need a digital humanities center?” go do so. It’s really good. DH+Lib put out a call for further discussion/response to the issues Bethany … Continue reading

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Read my dissertation if you like: Designing Online Communities

I defended my dissertation today. If you’re at all interested you can read the draft I defended here. While it The event brings to the end about 23 years of continuous education. (I’ve been working full time for the last … Continue reading

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Curating Science, Software and Strides in Digital Stewardship: A Personal 2013 Year in Review

It’s that time of year. Time to take stock and provide an accounting. Looking back, all the themes I noted from 2012 carried through in 2013. That kind of continuity is itself exciting, it makes me think I’ve got a … Continue reading

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Mass Digitization, Archives, and a Multiplicity of Orders & Arrangements

Quick, drop everything and read All Text Considered: A Perspective on Mass Digitizing and Archival Processing. It helped me think through some of what I was getting into in Implications for Digital Collections Given Historian’s Research Practices. The abstract of … Continue reading

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6 Digital Historiography and Strategy Grad Seminars I’d Love to Teach

As I’ve been working on finishing my dissertation over the last two years I haven’t had the chance to teach graduate seminars and I really miss it. I’ve twice taught American University’s History in the Digital Age course for their … Continue reading

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Historic iPhones: Personal Digital Media Devices in the Collection

What should a library, archive or museum do with an historic iPhone? The National Museum of American history recently acquired journalist Andy Carvin’s iPhone. The announcement about the acquisition piqued my curiosity and a set of questions.  I imagine this … Continue reading

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Google Poems on History

I thought it would be fun to see what google poems come out of history, libraries and archives. So here you go. Curious to hear if these mean anything to you. History is… But history isn’t… The past is… But … Continue reading

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Notes toward a Bizarro World AHA Dissertation Open Access Statement

The American Historical Association published a Statement on Policies Regarding the Embargoing of Completed History PhD Dissertations. I found myself wishing that there was some kind of bizaro world AHA. I imagine this bizarro world AHA might have made remarks … Continue reading

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