25 Curatememes: A Curation

A few years back, Curatememe set out on a mission to create a space “Where Curators Curate Memes about Curation. Where will the absurdity of our use of the term Curation go next? This Tumblr speculates wildly.” I think it’s now time to declare curation accomplished. Now that curation means whatever, I thought I would curate the best of the best from the tumblr here in a listicle. It seemed appropriate. It will also make it easier for me to find one’s I want to use sometimes.

The memes are arranged more or less reverse chronologically, which offers a sense of how they developed as a body of work over time and preserves the experience of reading back into a tumblr.

I Came. I Archived. I Curated

I came I archived I curated

Stop Worrying and Respect des Fonds

stop worrying and respect des fonds

Curation is as Curation Does

curation is as curation does

Be the Change you want to Curate in the World

be the change you want to curate in the world

Eat Pray Love Curate

Travel Trip Eat Pray Love

The Only Thing we have to Curate

the only thing we have to curate is curation itself


The Point is to Curate it

The point is to curate it 

There are no facts, only curations

no facts only curations

Say Curation One More Time

say curation one more time

I Can’t Believe I Curated the Whole Thing

I cant believe i curated the whole thing

 Who Curates the Curators

who curates the curators

The Things You Curate End Up Curating You

The things you curate end up curating you


Curate the Rainbow

Skittles, fruit flavour sweets


One Word… Curation 

one word curation


He Who Curates the Spice Curates the Universe

he who curates the spice

Curate Yourselves Winter is ComingCurate Yourselves Winter is Comming



Wait… That’s Curation

wait thats curation

I Curated this Xhibit

I curated this xhibit

I Curated You I can Deaccession You

I curated You I can deaccession you


Frankly my dear, I don’t curate a DAMS


I love it when curation means whatever

I love it when Curation Means Whatever

This is not Curation

this is not curation


Did I Cu-rate That

did I cu-rate that