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Discovery and Justification are Different: Notes on Science-ing the Humanities

Computer Scientist: “You can’t do that with Topic Modeling.” Humanist: “No, I can because I’m not a scientist. We have this thing called Hermeneutics.” Computer Scientist: “…” Humanist: “No really, we get to do what we want, we read texts … Continue reading

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Apparently When Girls Adopt Technology it Ceases to be Technology

I was excited to read Geek Masculinity and the Myth of the Fake Geek Girl. I saw the image macro at the top, and thought, “neat, another image macro like successful black man that turns stereotypes on their head.” Sadly, this is not … Continue reading

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Do Less More Often: An Approach to Digital Strategy for Cultural Heritage Orgs

Everybody is trying to do too much at once. Find the low hanging fruit and pick it. Get the boxes off the floor. Release early and release often. Put things out there and find out how you should be doing things. I … Continue reading

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Born Digital Primary Sources for History: A Partial List

Historians refer to records and artifacts that record or register traces of the past on them primary sources. For a very long time, those sources have been analog things. Physical objects and artifacts made up of atoms. The artifacts historians … Continue reading

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