Becoming Storytellers and Game Makers in the RPG Maker VX Community

A while back, I wrote a post about a very neat piece of software called RPG Maker. I never really got to building a game with it, but I have become fascinated with the community that has come together around the software.  This post begins a series of entries about a research project I have started to explore how this community is scaffolding game players into game makers. In this post I will briefly outline some of the interesting. The image below shows an screen shot from Prelude to Identity, a well received game in the community.

Image from popular RPG Maker Game Prelude of Identity

Daily Composition on the RPG Maker VX boards

Everyday several hundred members of the RPG Maker VX Community read through a new set of project development posts on the community’s forums. In each of these posts amateur game designers, primarily between the ages of 18 and 24, share 500-1000 word game proposals for community critique. These posts include elements of traditional composition, like the proposed games setting, characters, and storyline. They also include elements unique to games as new media, like the proposed game’s mechanics, artwork, and audio. Over the next few days, each of these proposed projects receives extensive feedback from the community. After substantial revision, refinement, development, and continued engagement with the community, some of the community members’ complete their games and share them with the group.

For an example of some of the thoughtful kinds of design and composition that goes into creating game maps see Mr. Moo‘s video of a follow up game Crescendo of Identity.

Short Outline of Project Methods

I have received permission from my schools human subjects review board to explore the community through a diverse set of methods. I have started conducting a survey to get a sense of community members activity, behaviors, and participation. In a few weeks I will start and a set of interviews with community members to get a deeper sense of how members understand their participation and explore some of the various roles they are taking on. My goal is to then use the survey and interviews to help add texture and context to a detailed analysis of community interactions as preserved on the message boards.

I have already started to get back survey results. I am excited to share some of the preliminary information here in the next few weeks.

5 thoughts on “Becoming Storytellers and Game Makers in the RPG Maker VX Community

  1. Will Riley

    What kinds of novel or interesting behavior do you expect to find in this online community? What questions are you hoping to answer with this research?

    1. Trevor

      @Will: So far what I have seen in the community has confirmed what my initial impressions were when I first explored the community a few years back. I am finding that it is a place where young people (primary between the ages of 16 and 24) are learning and teaching eachother about design processes. I hope to be able to document how the community interactions are making these folks into more sophisticated thinkers about design.

      With that background I have three broad questions I intend to explore. Because this is fundamentally qualitative research they are each rather open ended questions.

      1. Who participates in the process and what roles do they take on?
      2. What attitudes, habits, approaches and kinds of thinking does the community value?
      3. What impact does participating in the community have on members?

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