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Realizing that we haven’t posted anything for nearly a year now I thought I would give a year in review of the Chmiel Owens household in photos. Far from any kind of comprehensive recap this is more of a walk through of some of our photos over the last year.

We were happy to spend this year with Bowser and Zelda, and we were also happy to spend time with the three dogs we fostered for a local small dog rescue. Luigi, Jung Le, and Yoshi were each great pets, and each found a great home. We are thrilled that Yoshi found his home with Marjee’s mom.

Stop it dad! I'm too cool for pictures luigi lounges
Luigi in your face
Jung Lee Movie Poster for a buddy comedy Poster Child

It was a great year for old friends and new. We visited some of our World of Warcraft Friends in Boston, and took a short new England vacation, we spent time at the Chmiel family cabin in Crivitz, and drove back and forth between Milwaukee and Chicago several times to visit with friends and family back in the homeland.

Mike Alt at Kops Jenny
jamie Devane - Profound no doubt Dave visits Oh hi, Subway samurai
Home Improvement:
Started several projects, but still have plenty of work to do. Spent time with mom and todd framing the basement, and tiled one of our bathrooms.

Tiling Makin walls

We made monsters:
We also made some monsters. Marjee took a sewing class and we both had a bit of fun with the sewing machine.

oh hi, I c what u did der Introducing Otto Von Stripes
A furiocious beast A Face you can trust

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