Design Rationale: Playing History

This week in Clio Wired: Creating History With New Media each of my classmatees has been diligently working on composing a design rationale for each of our projects. Below is my rationalization. You can also view it as this PDF.

Related to this I thought folks might be interested in the slides for the presentation I gave on Playing History at the American Association of History and Computing’s conference over the weekend.

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  1. I think Trevor's design is outstanding now. It really surprised me how far it came from the first glimpse I got of it in Clio 1 to the first design ideas in Clio 2, and now this. I think the new header is perfect in color, font, proportion and idea. The different layouts (home page, index of games (scrollable, I assume, through the whole collection?), and then the page of info on each game, are well designed in color and font. I agree there is a lot going on in each one, but the design makes sense. The rust-colored bars keep everything clearly delineated, and the relative weight given to the bars, the font, and the text size makes it work. While I am not a fan of word clouds, it does play a meaningful role in giving an overview of the games available on the site. I hope this site becomes a reality because teachers will LOVE it. Great job, and thanks for your help without snickering on my stuff.

  2. Thanks for the help last week! The fire bug plugin has been AWESOME! Unfortunately I still haven't figured out how to do the image logo thingy….. I have my meeting with Jeremy, so hopefully I will get that resolved today.

  3. Hi Trevor,
    Hope you're doing well! Thanks for your suggestions about the RSS feed last week. Just had a question and was wondering if you had any tips. I have the RSS feed URL (see below) that I created via googlenews, but I can't seem to get it to show up on my site ( I want to place it on the Resources page and tried to embed the link and turned on the RSS widget via my dashboard. Any suggestions? Would appreicate it!

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