Working With Colors And Style For

I realize I am getting a bit ahead of myself but I get excited about playing with the visual style of the project. Which do you think are the best? Or should I just scrap it and do something completely different?

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  1. I like the game controller graphic as well. One question I have is whether the red is going to create accessibility problems…? Your illustrious instructor should have some advice on that.

    Looking good.


  2. I like the last one, but I wonder about the semantics of 'Playing History'. It seems to connotate an 'about' section of one game, called 'History'.

    I know that's kind of the purpose of playing with language, but I think a much smaller sub-heading, directly below the title that gives the basic run-down: "your source for history-related games on the web" or whatever would keep the focus.

    This is just a super-basic idea from looking at your images, nothing serious, I think it looks great overall!

    (of course, I might just be boring and pedantic… 😉

  3. I like the last one you posted when it comes to the overall visual layout and functionality of the website. It's simple, but striking with the colors and content. However, I do think you reworking the title would help though.

  4. I like the game controller, too, but maybe a different color than the beige? The red-orange is good but how would yellow look with it? or black?

  5. I'll always have a place in my hard for bitmap fonts, so I'm partial to the first one, at least the concept. colors, whitespace, layout, etc. could use some work. There are some great bitmap fonts out there. When we do logotypes in class in a few weeks, you should download a bunch and try out your site title in each! I have a few on my laptop I could suggest.

  6. I'm not sure, but Viking quest sounds cool (just got finished with a weekend D&D and Magic tournament, good stuff). I like the first one best, I think, but couldn't argue with any of them.

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