35 Views Of Einstein From 2100 C St. NW

I’m working on a piece about the the Albert Einstein Memorial outside the National Academy of sciences. One of the facets I am exploring is the way in which the monument suggests photos to visitors. Many reviews of the monument on travel websites mention “photogenic” the monument is. Among other things it’s a place for formal pictures and a jungle gym for the kids to climb on. These are all CC licensed photos from Flickr. There are a bunch more, over 500 last time I searched, these are just some of my favorites, each of the thumbnails links back to the photographers pages on Flickr.

I think these photos have something to tell us about Einstein in popular culture and also some interesting comments on how monuments work. I have some ideas, but I am interested to hear other folks thoughts. What do you think about these photos? What can we learn from how people interact with, and photograph this monument?

Einstein Memorial by riacale.

Arguing with Einstein by chrisbb@prodigy.net.

@ einstein memorial by t3mplar.

a watchful eye by ucumari.

Einstein Memorial by Il Primo Uomo.

Albert Einstein Memorial by jcolman.

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