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The History Channel Manages To Drop Below Even The Lowest Of Expectations

I know the history channel is bad, but seriously. This is their afternoon line up. Three hours of hunting UFOs a show about the Antichrist “The Universe” and two hours on the secrets of body language.

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Making Book Labels With Zotero

To the left you can see a sample of some of my labeled books. It may not be particularly pretty, but those labels do exactly what I wan them to do. Display information, have only a limited chance to damage … Continue reading

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Touching the National Mall

I really like how you can tell just how frequently the Park’s services maps on the National mall are used by how worn the areas around the Lincoln Memorial and Washington monument have become. As you look at the worn … Continue reading

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Chmiel’s In The Capitol

We were very lucky to have Marjee’s mom and dad visit us a few weeks ago. After the wedding we left our pups with them in Chicago, and bringing the dogs back made for a great excuse to get them … Continue reading

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Cataloging Our Library in Zotero

Before starting my home cataloging project I really only used Zotero to grab individual items, this was my first time trying to look-up large numbers of items at once. I am happy to report that I came up with a … Continue reading

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Using Zotero as a Personal Library Catalog

My wife and I have a lot of books, tons of books. So many books that I am sometimes surprised to find books I didn’t even know we had. Over the years I have tried to organize them in ways … Continue reading

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Sara Rashid reports from Grant Park

Our very good friend Sara Rashid was able to attend Obama’s acceptance speech yesterday. I wanted to share her take: From Sara:…it was a miraculously warm night out. Beautiful. I’ve never felt so comfortable surrounded by 100,000 strangers. I hate … Continue reading

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Marjee and Trevor’s Election Picks

To make election night a bit more fun we decided to each lay out our picks on a state by state basis. For the record here they are. Marjee’s Election picks: Obama 306 McCain 232 Trevor’s Election Predictions: Obama 353 … Continue reading

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