Winter pups

Trevor and I were able to spend some time in Milwaukee and Chicago for the holidays. The drive over was pleasant, and while we got a beautiful snowfall….
…it made the ride back home sort of rough. Plus, we had a young pup who was used to Virginia snow, which is different from WI and Chicago snow…

…so he had a little bit of a learning curve with his otherwise very successful training. Seeing Bowser interact with other dogs (or try to interact with other dogs who might not be interested in him) convinced us that he would do well with a buddy. For some time I had my eye on a pretty little lady who was rescued from a puppy mill, just like Bowser. So we welcome little Zelda, who will be 4 months old next week:

Zelda is half Pom, like Bowser, but she is also half Pekingese. She looks more like a Peke as you can see in the picture above, after her first bath. While she needed a bath, Bowser expedited the need for the baths because he got himself into something STINKY after a trip outside. Here is Zelda after she dried off, being a daddy’s girl:

As you can imagine, we have our hands full now that our family doubled in size, but we’ve also been having a blast. The two have such different personalities and they make us laugh. They tire each other out in a way that we humans can’t. It is good to see their progress as they grow into good canine citizens.

Trevor starts his classes again this week, and we look forward to our birthday season and the emergence of spring.

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