Another day, Another blog,

File this under shameless plug. My fiance and I, in part inspired by this course have started a new blog. Posts at, will explore the history of children’s non-fiction literature. You can see the first few posts. The first post explains what its all about, the second analyzes a few images from children’s books about curie and Albert Einstein, the third post takes a quick look at kids books about Osama bin Laden. If you like what you see consider adding it to your daily feeds!

2 Replies to “Another day, Another blog,”

  1. Trevor,

    I looked over your other blog and have to say I think it looks fantastic! I also found the posts very intriguing. I think it will be a fantastic resource and really shows that you've thought out both your auidence and your subject. Stellar work!

    — John

  2. Thanks John,

    We are very excited about it. Just actually posted another post to firstpast connecting the reading from graphs maps and trees to my interests in children's lit.

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