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Why we need to Play History

In the last few years there has been a wealth of interest in games for learning. A growing body of research on the educational value of games underlines the ways the can engage students like no previous media. There are … Continue reading

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Children's Books By The Numbers: Or Two Things I Learned From Franco Moretti

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of reading Franco Moretti’s Graphs Maps and Trees. If you haven’t read it I highly recommend it as a truly compelling exploration of what individuals interested in the history of literature can … Continue reading

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Sidenote: RIAA, DMCA, Comic From xkcd

I thought this would add to our discussions of DRM. From xkcd

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Another day, Another blog,

File this under shameless plug. My fiance and I, in part inspired by this course have started a new blog. Posts at, will explore the history of children’s non-fiction literature. You can see the first few posts. The first … Continue reading

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If They Use It, They Will Fund: Life Cycle for Expert Search Portals

There is no way around it, it will take substantial effort to keep Playing History viable for the future. This is a common feature for expert search style tools. The good news is that all sorts of groups already do … Continue reading

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Meet Bowser

We are are excited to debut our newest family member. Bowser, is a 5 month old pomaranian. It was quite a adventure to get him, traveling to the border of West Virgina and Ohio. Here is a bit of footage … Continue reading

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How Research Databases Changed My Life!

Does anyone else remember the joy of the first moment when you realized what Proquest’s Historical New York Times does? Sitting in a library resource presentation, the librarian clicked in the little search box and in a few seconds was … Continue reading

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Coming to terms with the end of October

Holy Crow-where did the time go? Trevor and I had a whirlwind of a month. We booked our florist and reception/ceremony venue. We’ll be working with Urban Sense florists in Milwaukee and the wedding will be at the Milwaukee Public … Continue reading

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How Much Will It Cost!

As I have thought about this project it has become apparent that there are several different levels on which it would be possible to proceed. I decided to post them here to bounce them off an audience. Below I have … Continue reading

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