Aunt Kath Drops In

Last weekend my god mother dropped in here are some of the photographic highlights.

We caught a performance art thing at the Kennedy Center.

And passed a few notable buildings on the way to dinner.

Then we went back to our house to call it a night.

The next day we stopped off at the farmers market to pick up some lunch.

And then we stopped by my office to show my god mother where I work.

and then we visited the Occoquan craft fair. (It was very cute)

All in all it was a great weekend!

2 Replies to “Aunt Kath Drops In”

  1. Dear Trev & Marjee,
    It was a wonderful weekend, that I will always remember. If you have not been to DC come to Fairfax County and stay with Trev & Marjee. Such a wonderful couple.
    Aunt Kathi

  2. It is great to check up on you this way. thanks for the updateds. The job site and signs look IMPRESSIVE . seems like it is perfect for you. hope it is working out as you hoped. the house looks great nice art work and colors. Heard you got come home for a bit and catch up with Grandma Vos. Sorry to hear we won’t see you both at Christmas. Take care Aunt Theresa

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