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Term Paper 2.0: Reinventing The College Essay Via Wikipidia

I just got out of a great session at Educause that I thought would add another wrinkle to earlier discussions of the value of Wikipedia. The two speakers Andreas Brockhaus and Martha Groom, had students in a environmental biology class … Continue reading

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Osama bin Laden For Kids

It might surprise you to know that at least 10 children’s books about Osama bin Laden have been published in the last 6 years. I was intrigued, just what do publishers think children should learn about this contemporary villain? To … Continue reading

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Playing History:Hacked Screen Shot

Here is a quick mock up of a individual games page for Playing History. (Click on the image to see it at its native resolution) Everything isn’t perfectly lined up but you get the picture.

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Aunt Kath Drops In

Last weekend my god mother dropped in here are some of the photographic highlights. We caught a performance art thing at the Kennedy Center. And passed a few notable buildings on the way to dinner.Then we went back to our … Continue reading

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Playing History For An Audiance

So far I am calling my video games resource for teachers “Playing History.” As I am imagining the resource there are four potential audiences, and each of the audiences would enter the picture at different stages, and each would have … Continue reading

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Why fix something that isn't broken? Wikipedia vs. Citizendium

I understand that the Wikipedia has its problems, but I consistently find it to be one of the most thorough and quickest way to get information, further I love how transparent that information. You can read the arguments about the … Continue reading

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