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  1. Trevor & Marjee;
    Congratulations on your new house and engagement. Just checked your blog and sounds like the dust is beginning to settle. Busy times, eh?

    Hope to see you both soon. I have another trip to DC for the Mott Afterschool Network. Will be in town for the meeting on Sept. 26-28. My meeting ends on Friday at 1:30 p.m. so I was wondering if you would like a visitor on Friday night, Sept. 28 and possibly through Sun AM. I need to book my airline flight soon, so check with Marjee and get back to me.

    Talked to your Mom last week and she is doing well. We saw the Pissaro exhibit at the MKE Art Museum. Cool. Have been hosting a Yoshiko, a 4-H Labo Chaperone from Japan, so we have been out and about touring MKE, the farm and other Wisco sites.

    I will be in on Friday night, Sat. night and all day Sunday, so give me a call, or just e-mail. Note new home e-mail address is kathiv@tds.net


    Aunt Kathi kathiv@tds.net

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