As promised, here are pictures of the upstairs.

Master Bedroom: 11×17 (you can sort of see into the master bath on the first picture.)

Here is the second bedroom 11×13

Third bedroom 9×9

And here is the other full bath on the second floor.

Oh I thought I would throw in some other photos of the ‘hood. You can see the pool that is just down the road and some of the other roadside trees and such.

Do you have stairs in your house?

As I promised, here is a more extensive walkthrough of our house. We wernt able to get photos of the second floor, ran out of time. But we do have a pile of other neat stuff!! (Click on the images to see the bigger pictures and then click “all sizes” to see the really big versions) and if you have any questions on what something is feel free to ask in the comments part.

(our house is the second to last one)

This is the floor plan.

Pictures of the first floor.

And some shots of the basement.

As I mentioned, we do not have pictures of the second floor, but those will follow soon.

We Got the House!!

Pictures to follow!!

3 levels
3 bedrooms
2.5 bathroms
1428 sq feet (about 2000 if you include the walk-out basement)

You can see it here, it is the one with the chimny and the solar panals.

Another bid…

So we have put in another bid, on this charming fellow.

I will say that I already am more optomistic, I think this is our most solid offer yet, and its our first offer on a home that is not a forclosure. (There is something comforting about knowing the previous resident left happily, that the home brought them good luck, and that they did not place some kind of curse on the future residents… but thats just me)

Marjee and I are looking forward to our vacation next week, and there is a good chance we will hear somethign about the house before then. That would be fantastic. This will be our first vacation in a while, while we travel a lot it is always with alterior motives, conferences to atend etc… but this time it is a trip out to my fathers, with nothing schedualed. It will be fun to see the pasific northwest agian, we should be able to make time to vist our good friend John in Seatle and enjoy an actual vacation. Thats pretty neat. So cross your fingers, third time just might be the charm!

…more offers to come

….so we lost the lovely lake house 🙁

Trevor and I went through the most hilarious red tape making offers on this guy. The books we studied about first-time home buyers all warned us, or rather reminded us that there is no “one perfect house” and to persevere in our home buying experience. Probably because they are mostly written by real estate agents. The tricky thing about this warning, of course, is that in order to be serious enough to put an offer on a house, you have to picture yourself living there for more years than you have lived anywhere (outside of the house you grew up in). In fact, you have to picture starting a family in that house. So you find a house, you like it, you see your future there, you bid on it, and its lost. And you have to pick things up and move on.
…and it can be an emotional process, even when you don’t want it to be.
…but in the case of our last offer, they put us through so much red tape and stalled so badly, I think I’m just overjoyed to know something. And now that we know, we are ready to move on.

On this same day, I had an interview with a new graduate program I have been considering. This is a huge, intimidating commitment, but the interview went very well and the faculty of the program were just great people. I’m still waiting to hear more details about my acceptance, but in the mean time, it is a little piece of exciting news.

Offer #2

…so Trevor and I did not get the last house we posted about. No biggie. It was a neat place, but after about 2 hours of disappointment our Realtor has about 5 more foreclosures to show us. We looked at three and got really, really excited about 2 of them. In fact, we think these two beat the first one we bid on, hands down. We went ahead and put another bid on a house today. You can see a picture of the front yard here. No joke! The house is on a private lake. We should not be able to afford this, but again, because it is a foreclosure and needs a little bit of love (not too much) we’re able to make an offer.

…so unrehersed

….so Trevor and I have been together for quite a bit of time, and I think it is fair to say that we have never had “a song” for the most part, until recently. There are a few reasons why. For one, in my opinion, is because we met for musical reasons. When I met Trevor, he was writing lyrics and he is an incredibly talented writer. His uncanny ability to capture the human emotion that runs under all of our radar is amazing. He wrote a great deal of moving pieces, but in particular I remember one beautiful song (musically) that was (lyrically) insightful with lines such as “…life is lived so unrehearsed.”
Secondly, Trevor and I are both serious music snobs, so the idea that we would find something that accurately captures (thirdly) the uniqueness of our relationship seemed impossible. But recently we have agreed upon this little ditty:

…for a few reasons
1) we were both hipsters enough to admit that the piece that runs on the Gieko commercial wans interesting enough for us to warrant further investigation.
That is right, we don’t care that we discovered it on a car insurance commercial. And we use Allstate. It isn’t even our insurance company. We don’t care.
2) It is an integration of information design, art, and musical video. That is so hot. What is hotter than GREAT info design. Nothing, really.
3) This is a bad-ass jam. Period.
4) The UK connection. We love to travel and can be ex-pats at the drop of the hat
5) emphases on public transportation. I don’t think I have to say more
6) Sweet lyrics that confirm: no matter what you do, those who matter are there and geography has nothing on history or nostalgia.

If you want it to be that way 😉