Inspired by Josh at work I ran my undergraduate thesis through a tagcloud generator. I think its kinda neat. If you didn’t get a chance to read my thesis, you can see what the most repeated words were. So without further adieu, here is “A Child’s Eye View of Life as a Scientist”

accounts against albert almost american answers apparatus appears applied approach around atomic authoritative authority barometer beautiful beckhard become begins being biographer biography books case central century character child children compass connected consider curie dank different discussion distinct doorly early einstein ends eva example experience experiences experimental explicit fact father focus frank further gender general girl given hard highlight history however ideas important incident insight insists inspector instead later learn less levinger life lives manya marie matter mcpherson mention messages mileva moral mother nature newton notes objects offer paper parker passage past people personal physics picture possible power professor public pure questions radium rather readers rebellious relationship role russian school science scientific scientists second section several significance similar society something sources states story students study subject success teachers tells test texts theoretical theory things think told trend understanding value ways wife wise woman womanhood women wonder work world written years young
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