Its not quite springtime…

…but it may as well be. Trevor and I spent the past two weeks in Chicago-Milwaukee-Madison where it was unseasonably warm in the high 30’s (and not a drop of snow to be seen).

We came back to our new home where it was really unseasonably warm at 70 degrees. No joke.
Saturday I went into The District to get a haircut and sign up at a gym. Both are located in the major sports center here (the Verizon center) where there was a Georgetown vs Notre Dame game. With the crazy energy of the sports fans, the beautiful sunshine, and the outrageously warm air, it honestly felt like summer. I don’t know if the Wisconsin in Trevor is fighting this outrageous weather, because the poor guy is sick again! I think this is his fourth cold in three months.

Otherwise, it was great to go see everybody over the break. I must just be getting old because time seems to go by so fast and it doesn’t feel like it has been so long since we’ve seen everyone. I think we did a good job of seeing most of our friends and family (at least once) and managing to hit the Johnson Creek Outlet malls and relaxing a bit.

While I was gone, work really piled up. I think I really like being busy and I was starting to get some separation anxiety from my work. I did some work over the break, but when I am away from concrete, tangible work, I start feeling helpless.

Reason #234 why my graduate program was just not a good match for me! ;-P

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