Holidays at work

I just walked by the big conference room at work and was stunned by how gorgeous the decorations are! It is very warm and beautiful with lots of beer, wine, and presumably, great food. There is going to be an office party starting there in a few minutes. It is great to work for a creative media company- people’s good taste and creative touches really show during times like these.

Considering the fact that it has been 60 degrees or so for the past few weeks, I can’t quite believe that it is time for the holidays. I am really looking forward to going back to Milwaukee-Chicago to spend time with my family (and of course Trevor’s family which I now consider my own). The 5 months or so that we have been here have gone by so fast and we still have such a clumsy time driving around the city that I certainly still feel like a noob.

All in-all, with Trevor starting a new job that he loves and the awesomeness that is working for PBS, we have been extraordinarily lucky this year. 2006 got off to a rocky, crazy start. We were faced with a great deal of uncertainty. Its so nice to have things fall into place for a bit and feel like we learned a great deal from the difficulties we faced and that we came away with so much meaning from the chaos.

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