Don’t go here

In case you were planning on visiting Nashville in the near future and decided that you wanted to stay in a biosphere miles away from the actual city, you may be tempted to check this place out . I will spare you the heartache….

don’t go there

First, the rooms are terribly overpriced. Rooms in TN pushing $200 a night should have Egyptian cotten towels and sky-high thread counts in their comfy beds.

That doesn’t happen here.

Second, one of my colleagues watched 2 elderly people rushed out on stretchers.

During breakfast.

That is not a time when one would want to be reminded of one’s fragile mortality. In fact, the entire experience will lead the reflective individual to wonder whether such tacky stupidity will suddenly become appealing once that particular individual hits 82. The geriatric amazement at the fake waterfalls and colored fountains (sync’d up to Hark the Herald Angels…) was downright depressing, if for no other reason than the fact that people who have made it that far in life desserve better than rampant price gouging in a resort that surly makes baby Jesus cry.

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