First day

The next morning, Tuesday, I reported to the downtown office where I would be working. After making my way through security I called Jesse to come down and bring me up. I got her answering machine. So I waited. Twenty minuets go by and I figure I should call her again. This time she answers and comes down to get me. She brings me up to her cube, where she tells me that Sandy will be in about an hour later, at which point we can meet and discuss my duties. So I spend the next hour waiting in her cube, as she goes about her daily activities. Luckily I have a time magazine in my bag. So I just settle down to read. After an hour and a half goes by Jesse informs me that Sandy is now in. She goes of to check with her.
When Jesse returns she is looking for a form, the pdd form, it turns out there is a new form that needs to be submitted with my fingerprints and that until that is submitted I cannot be on the premises. So Jesse arranges for me to go to the **** system building a few blocks away. I will work there until things get settled for my work. Fair enough. So for whatever reason I wait in Jesse’s cube for a few more hours, I have exhausted my time magazine and find myself staring at her screen saver. You know the one with the two sets of colored lines that bounce around. It turns out that it is really easy to space out and focus on the speed of the points that make up the objects. I must say I hand never taken the time to appreciate that screen saver before and without this job that knows if I ever would have.

At about 11:30 we start to walk over to the other office. It is raining, and I have no umbrella. We arrive a little bit before noon. The office manager gives me a tour of the facilities, finds me a small office with a computer that I can use temporarily. It is a nice place, with a full kitchen. So Jesse informs me that I will be working here until my paperwork clears. I ask her what I will be doing? To which she responds she is going out on vacation for the next week, but my manager should be back from vacation the next day.


So I sit down to my computer, I figure I can go through the mandatory training, schedule my drug test set up my company email. Start to settle in. Strangely, this is not an option. I attempt to log in to no avail. I called the company’s help line to find that I need to tell my manager to activate it. Soo I ask the office manager, she goes through some forms and such, submits the information and tells me that in the next day or so I should have internet access. Great. One problem, I can’t even get on to this computer to type in word. I tell her that I will head home for the day, and see her tomorrow, when hopefully I will meet my manager and start to do something.

I head home with the intention of working on my online training, low and behold the password and login don’t work. So even If I had had computer access I would not have been able to do much of anything.

So this is my second day of work.
It is getting close to noon, on day two. I came in at 8:30 and thus far have managed to compose the entire history of what has brought me here. I have yet to meet my manager, whom I am told comes in very early and then goes somewhere, and comes back at some time during the day. I still do not have access to the computer and am very glad that I brought my personal laptop.

Scratch that. It is 11:37 and I have received a log in and password. Lets see if they work.
And I am in…

Around one thirty today I got to meet my manager, lets call him Jeff. I think I like Jeff. He was very nice to me. Told me that he had been in touch with Sandy and that she would have some work for me on Friday. He seems like a bit of an early riser, wants me here at 7:30 Friday. Until then, today and tomorrow, I am supposed to study up on the government bureaus I will be working for online.

I do like to surf the net.

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