The Call

I had worked my job search life into a regular pattern. I would wake up around 9 and often work out. Watch some cartoons while I surfed the net for job openings, check my world of warcraft auctions and then dive back into scouring the Internet for jobs. Part of every day was spent reading some of the books I had picked up on job searching and resume writing.
After working out one day, toward the end of my shower I heard my cell phone ringing. While my job books all told me not to answer calls, to let my voicemail get it and return the call later, I was waiting to hear about a job interview at PBS and thus wanted to know. I jumped out of the shower, grabbed a towel and proceeded to be interviewed for a position for a company I had never heard of. The call went something like this.

“Hi Trevor, this is Ryan, ***** Systems, are you at all familiar with our company”
Searching for a way to say no with out saying no I responded.
“A little bit, but I would like to hear how you describe it”
“We are a government defense contractor, working in a variety of capacities for different governmental projects. We have a position opening and I wanted to see what you are interested in, Could you tell me briefly what kind of work you are looking for”?
In an attempt to keep the conversation going I throw out that “I am looking for a entry level position, one with opportunities for growth”
He seemed to like this, He told me “ This position is really a gofer position, nothing to complicated, but it would get your foot in the door in a great company. I will call you later next week to set up a formal interview. Talk to you then.”
With that, the conversation was over. There I was, still wet wearing a towel in our bedroom, wondering at how absurd it would be if I started to work for a major military contractor. I really did not think anything would come of it. I figured it was the last I would hear of Ryan. But it turned out I was quite wrong.

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