Later in the week, I believe I had interviewed on Wednesday, Jesse emailed me a series of forms to complete for employment. Here it is worth interjecting that this is the second bath of forms I had to complete. I had filled out about 10 pages of paper work for ***** System’s. But that was nothing compared to the onslaught of the new paper work Jesse sent me. Nine Documents, totaling over sixty pages. Have you ever done drugs? When? Where? How much? Do you drink? When? Where? And how much? Do you have contact with any foreigners? Who, Why, Where, How much? List every place you have lived in the last seven years, and list someone who can vouch for you then, preferably not a family member and we need their phone number and address. Etc…

I had a day to fill out the paper work and believe me it took the better part of that day. Once the paper work was finished I needed to head back down to the down town office to be finger printed. Keep in mind that I have not been offered a job at this point. Instead I am doing this on my own time, really for my own enjoyment. So I head down to the office at the appointed time, go thought the rigmarole with the metal detector, and minor interrogation from the guards. This time I know whom I am seeing, so I assume smoother sailing. But then I should have remembered, this is the government, why on earthy would anything ever smothe out.
Jesse did not answer her phone. In fact she did not answer her phone for the next hour as I sat down on the bench and listened in on the security guards complaints about their union. After about two hours I gave up. Headed home, and counted it all for a loss. I emailed Jesse, she told me She was sorry, but she was running late. So we confirmed that we would try it again tomorrow.
The next day, after all the security whatnot, Jesse came down and we headed over to a different building, where I was finger printed. I turned in all of my paper work and went back home for the day.
A few days latter I received a frantic request from Jesse for me to sign and fax a predated ‘PDD’ form. It descried my duties and informed me of my title of “acquisition associate”. Still I have not been confirmed for the job. I haven’t heard from Ryan for a few days. Later that day he called me, and told me that an offer letter would reach me by the end of the day. It came at 6 at night, and offered me another stack of papers to fill out. I was also informed that I would need to be at orientation on Monday, at a different office out near the international airport.

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