Celebrating the world’s best dog

I talked to my mother today and she told me that our family dog, Scout, went up north for her last time.

Scout is nearly 12 years old, a respectable age for a dog. Lately, she has been having a nearly impossible time walking and getting up the stairs. This happened earlier this month and my mom and dad took her to the vet, where she got some medication. The medicine helped her walk a bit for a few weeks, but she soon became very weak again and could not get around and lost her appetite.

So, this weekend, my father took her up to our cabin. My aunt, who lives up there, will take Scout to be put to sleep and Scout will be buried there.

I could not find a digital photo of Scout, so instead I am posting a picture we took last October up near our cabin, where Scout will be buried. It is a picture of the sky at dusk.

Here are some things you should know about Scout: She loves Polish sausage, she likes to shake hands with you multiple times. She loved road trips. When she was younger, she enjoyed biting people in the ankles in an attempt to herd them. She enjoyed chomping her teeth into my brothers socks and almost ripping them off.

This is, of course, very sad. I can’t believe I won’t see Scout again and I am so glad I saw her earlier this month when we went to Chicago. But Scout led the dream dog life. She ate like a queen, she had lots of people around that loved her. She took frequent vacations in the Northern woods. She was bilingual, she was smart. I’ll never shake a paw like hers again.

Thank you Scout for all of your puppy sweetness. I don’t think there is a better dog out there. Rest in peace, may your spirit chase chipmunks through the pine trees until Babcia calls you back in the house.
~Love, MC

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